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CSGOFAST is one of the oldest CS GO, PUBG and DOTA 2 roulette, so the reliability of this resource is not questioned. Codes and promotional codes for CSGOFAST and huge online of this roulette are both pros and cons. On the one hand, there are always a lot of different interesting skins in the inventory of roulette bots, on the other hand, these items are always in time to pick up another player. So if you want to display an interesting item, do not “click with your beak”!

The promo code for CSGOFAST for a free case and +10% to the deposit “DATAGAME”.

The site has five game modes:

  • Classic Game – a simple roulette on the skins, where everyone puts their objects and roulette is chosen by one who won everything. Often come up small coefficients.
  • Fast Game is the same as the first one, but there are only 3 people in each game.
  • Double Game – standard roulette in three colors – red, black, green.
  • Slot Game – slot machines where you pay for each scroll of the drum and the line for falling out. The more lines you buy, the more likely it is that you will win. The more you bet, the more likely you are to win.
  • X50 – Roulette in four colors.
  • Bets on eSports matches.

Since relatively recent times, bets on x-rays have appeared on the website. The minimum bet is 100 coins. Quite an interesting opportunity.
[UPD 05.09.2017] On the site appeared Crash mode. This is a bet on the fractured curve. Bet on a number and if the system selects a number greater than yours, then you get a winnings increased by the coefficient of your number. If the system selects a number smaller than yours, then you lose the entire bank.

New modes on CSGOFAST

The service does not stop developing and at the moment added two more modes to the old six.

  • Craft – in this mode, you can get an item cheaper than its real market value. To do this, you choose an item from the list of sites of any value and choose the probability of successful crate from 5% to 75%. In this case, you will be charged an amount equal to the percentage you have chosen from the object you have chosen. For example, we want to craft redline[FT]. Its full value is 7.66$, which is 766 coins at the moment. We choose a probability of create – 60%. Then we will be removed 456 coins and with a probability of 60% we will get a profit. Also do not forget that using our promotional code for CSGOFAST you can immediately scrape an item.


[PROMO CODE] for a free case and +10% to the deposit

  • Cases is a classic case opening. Now CSGOFAST is not just roulette and slots, but also the opening of cases. There are only three cases. For 150 coins, 400 coins and 1500 coins. Opening cases is always a big risk. There is no way to control the process at least a little bit. The system does everything by itself. The fact that fast has a case mode is even good. This is a site that values its reputation, and so the drop here is often very decent. Dragon lor will not give you here, but here by 50%-100% more expensive than invested can be beaten out quite. Another advantage of this mode is that it depends on the roulette store. If there is a situation when there are no items for 1500 coins left in the store, the case just turns off. But you could just turn on a cheap drop at these moments. I have attached a picture with the case turned off below.

[PROMO CODE] for a free case and +10% to the deposit

Adding site name to the steam nickname regalia will allow you to get a 5% increase in the chance of winning the Classic Game.
The site has a table of the best players, where you can see the most successful players of the service.
Another feature of CSGOFAST is the ability to buy coins for real money. The more coins you buy for real money, the bigger discount you will get. You can pay by credit card, paypal, G2A Wallet, WebMoney, Yandex money, Skrill, Neteller, Alipay.

On CSGOFAST big online and big bets. There are huge sums of money spinning. This roulette is suitable for you if you can support a classic roulette bet on skins with a decent amount. In double mode, the conditions are not so tough anymore, here you can safely rise from 10 coins ($ 0.10).

As a free of charge, besides the fact that you can use the promotional code for CSGOFAST tl the system gives 10 coins every day to everyone who presses the corresponding button on the site.

Pros and cons of CSGOFast


  • Huge store
  • High site stability
  • Many modes
  • High stakes in classic mode


  • Slow technical support
  • Often small coefficients on the classic
  • Sometimes there is a queue for items to be added when there is a large online queue

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[INSTRUCTION] Where to enter the referral promo code CSGOFast

To enter the promo code, go to the “Free Coins” menu.In the window paste the code as shown in the picture below:

[PROMO CODE] for a free case and +10% to the deposit