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Promotional code for CSGOPolygon for 500 coins – “DATAGAME”.

Everything is almost like in real roulette. You bet on one or two of the three colors. If you win by betting on red or black, you will double your bet, and if you win by betting on green, you will increase your bet 14 times..

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In addition to roulette mode for three colors on the site has a Coin Flip. This is a mode in which two people put a certain amount on the eagle or the tail of a coin, after that the system “flips” a coin and determines the winner, who will get the common bank.

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If you are not a supporter of betting money on such unpredictable activities, the site has recently opened a betting mode. Here you can bet on the victory of your favorite eSports team CSGO and get profit based on the betting ratio. Since there are relatively few people involved in betting on this site, you can sometimes catch very nice odds. Not so long ago on the site appeared two more modes: Dice game and Crash – a game on the broken curve . In Dice you choose the coefficient and bet, and then the system selects its number. If it is greater than yours, then you win. In Crash everything is similar, but together with you the number is puzzled by other players and visually mode is designed as a growing graph.


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[CODE] for CSGOPolygon for 500 coins ($0.5)

At CSGOPolygon.com there is a system of promotional codes, so by entering our promotional code for CSGOPolygon: “DATAGAME” you will get 500 coins for free!

Instruction how to activate the promotional code on Csgopolygon

how to activate the promotional code on Csgopolygon

To start with, log in to the site using your Steam account and click on “Redeem Code”

Активация промокода в csgopolygon

Then insert the DATAGAME promo code into the “Promo Code” window and press “Redeem Promo Code”.

Ввод промокода CSGOPolygon


CSGOpolygon is pleasant by the simplicity of its design. It can be said that it is a classic roulette with three colors. It should be noted that the developers themselves understand that their site looks nice enough and so they do not try to radically change its stylistics and only slightly complement it with new features and improvements..