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This promo code will give you coins for roulette UP-X.
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UP-X is a popular service for real currency games.

UPX has an impressive list of modes to play. Only 11 of them and four more are under development and will appear soon:

  • Crush – a classic game on a curve. Pretty popular mode in the gemblings community. Not for nothing on UPX he goes first in turn. The mechanics of the game is simple – choose a multiplier and bet on it. If the system selects a number greater than yours, then you win and your bet is multiplied by your odds.
  • Roulette – tricolor roulette with multiplied coefficients X2 on black and red and X15 on green.
  • Cases – by analogy with cases in CS:GO here you buy boxes for bars and opening such a box can make a profit. Cases are divided into ranks and the higher the rank of the case, the more it costs, but also the more money you can gain from it. In addition, to open special ranked cases, you need to have a high rank on the site yourself (About the rank system and about up-x review read below).
  • A classic is a jackpot. All players are deposited to a common bank and the system selects one winner.
  • Miner – have you played the Bomb Sapper in windows? So it is the same, but simplified. The playing field is 5 on 5 and the number of hidden bombs depending on the size of the bet: 3, 5, 10, 24.
  • Ladder – make a bet and try to rise to the levels. For each passed iteration, your winning ratio increases.
  • Coin – it looks like a game of dice. You choose the multiplier. The higher the odds, the higher the risk, but more winnings.
  • Cards – everything is simple. Find three identical cards and get the winnings.
  • Drop-down crosses – a multiplayer game, familiar to everyone since childhood.
  • A variety of slots of all kinds and colors!

The up-x website also offers an interesting ranking system. For bets in different modes and for a deposit of money on the site you get experience points. Upon reaching a certain level, you will be granted additional privileges: access to unique rank cases, a special icon on your nick, as well as direct bonuses in bullions on your balance. The number of players with high rank on the site, as well as up-x reviews is the best indicator of honesty and profitability of the site.

In addition to regular draws and prizes for raising the rank you can use our promo code for UP-X for 5 ingots – “DATAGAME”. And if you register via our link, you will get 5 more bonus ingots. Total already 10 ingots for the test site!

How to activate UP-X promo code

To activate the promo code, register on the site through the social network Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki. Then go to the account settings by clicking on your avatar. Enter the code “REX” in the field as in the picture.

[PROMO CODE] for UP-X for 5 ingots